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Art & illustration

Why “& illustration”?

The word ‘illustration’ is used in addition to art, this is both to emphasise illustration as a main art form which is regularly practiced, and because of the more commercial connotations associated with the word.

The word ,’illustration’, is often associated with accurate representations such as medical or other scientific drawings, as well as those in books & magazines, whereas art can imply more abstract representations.

Ambiguity of illustration

The versatility of illustration inherently blurs the boundaries between fine art & more commercial or schematic drawing. Illustration, as well as other art forms, can be defined by the intent of the artist, was the illustration created for publication, perhaps advertising or political satire?

As technology has advanced, so has the scope of illustration. Video game design is just one example of how illustration is used in a contemporary setting, & there is not always a clear boundary between what constitutes a video game and a work of art.