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Jody Lawson

Artist & illustrator

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Lace-weaver Spider
Digital Print

Limited Edition: #250

This spectacular print of the ‘Lace-weaver Spider’ pencil illustration would make a fine contribution to any art collection. The composition, detail and shading of this print reproduction of a Lace-weaver Spider illustration will be appreciated by any avid art collector.

Printed on 300gsm paper, this A4 print would be a fine investment for any invertebrate, arthropod or insect lover.

Each print will be individually initialed and numbered by the artist.

You will recieve the lowest available numbered edition, unless a specific available number is requested.

Colours may appear different due to lighting and screen settings.

Print dimensions: A4 (29.7cm x 21cm).

Mount/mat (frame internal) dimensions: 30cm x21cm.

Mat aperture dimensions: 14cm x23cm.

Frame external dimensions: 32cm x 23cm